Build your working teams on connection – not judgment. Our Candidate Chemistry™ cards serve as power-neutralizing relationship starters.

Candidate Chemistry by is made of a committed group of young urbanists in the Northeast Corridor covering tech news in 5 great cities: Philly, Baltimore, Brooklyn, Washington D.C. and all of Delaware.

Candidate Chemistry by contains their unique spirit and sense of humor. Play them with your team or use at your next event >>


Card Deck: Candidate Chemistry by

Shuffle ‘em up and play them as you like. Candidate Chemistry Decks are great for career fairs, team meetings, new hire onboarding, job interviews and more. Enjoy this special set built by

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5-Pack: Candidate Chemistry  Networking Handhelds

Easy to handle, 7-8 minutes to complete, networking handhelds spread the activities from our deck amongst handheld sets of cards which can be played by a total of 10-15 people at a time (2-3 on each set). Order more to accommodate for larger groups. Use at the beginning of a meeting, workshop, or at your networking event. Enjoy this special set built by

(Regularly $60) SPECIAL - $45

Shipping in Mid-May!


Total Package: Candidate Chemistry by Deck + 5-Pack Handhelds

Cover all your bases and invest in a deck and the 5-pack of networking handhelds built by

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