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Employer Brand consulting services starting at $150/hour

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We work with awesome employer brands and they allow us to share their version of Chemistry Cards with the masses. Scoop up a pack as a way to test the cards with your team.

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Bring your team together for a fun and exciting morning, afternoon or evening event that will result in a customized version of Candidate Chemistry; infused with your team’s unique sense of humor. Order packs for your organization to leverage during your hiring process and employee experience.


A video producer spends the day shadowing and observing the team you’re recruiting for – without the production crew. We provide you with an observational story that captures culture and style in order to improve the recruiter intake process.


Enhance the understanding of your job candidates by providing them with a realistic job preview or workplace documentary. Our video productions of real people in real jobs supports future employee retention and ultimately the increases the quality of your candidate.

Team building offsite  

Need to get your team out of the office, together? Co-Create builds tailored offsite meetings that will reinvigorate and reconnect your working team. We'll plan a day or afternoon to help you achieve your goals while ensuring your employees feel valued and heard. Expect a creative activity incorporated in some way. 


Send your HR professionals back to the office thinking differently. Free-Range Thinking is our way of introducing creativity within a department typically limited by rules and regulations. Recruiters: host an event for your clients and they’ll thank you.