Job Stories: The Innovation Intern

Job Stories: The Innovation Intern

By Jonah Listokin

Our first job story focuses on the internship experience. We spoke to a third-year college student about his current internship at Exelon. Every season, Exelon hires several interns to work with them at their Corporate Strategy, Innovation & Sustainability Division. We sat down with Sol Betesh to talk about his experience.

How did you get your internship at Exelon?

I applied to 25 jobs, I got 3 interviews. And I knew about the job from many of my friends. So they gave me the whole deal. I went to the other two interviews and I didn't love it. And when I did the interview for this I got a feel for the job. And so, it was a no-brainer if I was offered the job.

Why was it a no-brainer?:

It was the vibe. The entrepreneurial feeling within a big company. If you have any ideas you bring them out. I had an idea for electric car chargers and asked if I could do research on it. They said no problem, here is an electric car, go drive around, do your research and make some calls. It’s real-world business and entrepreneurship in a corporation with a lot of resources.

How would you describe the culture of Exelon?

Very open, there is an expectation to do a great job. I always have that feeling. But the openness, that's the key. No limits, be creative, work hard, get it done, make it cool.

Do you have any stories you could share that really exemplify that culture? And that energy?

My first week we went to Baltimore, which is where Exelon has one of its headquarters. We were in a room with 30 people. Synthesizing ideas, what works what doesn't. Literally for two days straight! Just coming up with new ideas and concepts and the whole idea of being away, we didn't come home that night, we stayed in Baltimore which was nice, I was with my team. Bonding with them, which was very important. A lot of interns don't have a team to hang out with. My team is great.

Do you have any advice for future interns?

Try to find an internship where you can do meaningful work. Often times students get stuck working at a job where they have little to no responsibility. Finding a job like that is easier said than done, but it’s so important. The greatest benefit of an internship is that you get to figure out where you want to end up after college. The quality of your job will give the best understanding of that

Do you have any advice for employers looking to hire interns?

Take advantage of your interns! Companies today are killing for fresh ideas and your internship students are itching to be a bigger part of your organization, don’t underestimate them. Take the time to teach them and they’ll pay you back in spades while they work at your business. All students are there to learn, give them the opportunity to be challenged, this is how they will learn the most.

If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities at Exelon, visit:

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